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topic posted Mon, June 18, 2007 - 3:16 PM by  Shanna
I have a few friends that are nurses. When I very first started to play with henna one of them mentioned she couldn't have any on her hands, so we did her chest & feet. She said it was a company rule & we talked about whether or not it might affect a patient medically.

I was just curious now cause I did some on another hospital friend.... could / would / has it affected people under certain medical conditions. I can't imagine it would being that the henna dyes the skin and doesn't "rub" off allowing it to soak into the blood stream.

Odd question but like I said, just curious if anyone had some experience with that.
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  • Hi Shanna!

    I have a friend that is a nurse and another that does EEGs. They both have had henna done and gone to work and never had any problems or comments that I know of. My sister does electrocardiographs and has had henna on her hands at work for weeks with no problems either.

    Just our experience.

    I do know of a girl from my faith that was suspended from elementary school until her henna wore off. It was applied during our 'Eid celebration (like a Muslim Christmas, lol). She couldn't claim it was religious because it really isn't, it just is culturally done often at our celebrations.

    Interesting question, I'd be curious to hear what others have to say.
    • yep, that's what I thought. We mostly agreed that it wouldn't and that it must be simply a hospital rule... just like no weird hair colors, etc. of course, if it had a side effect to anything it probably would have been mentioned before. you see enough talk about black henna so like that, it would have been brought up.
      • Shanna, in my experience privately owned hospitals can make their own rules. thankfully i work for the county so i can have henna whenever i feel like it!
      • I've heard other nurses say that they couldn't have visible henna because it made their hands look "dirty;" that patients just wouldn't believe that they had washed their hands! Silly, but I can (kind of) understand the rationale.
    • I am a nurse and where I work henna is not considered professional, and it tends to look dirty on the night shift, in dark rooms patients don't appreciate brown stuff on my hands......

      but as far as medical concerns with henna, there is a clotting factor problem that affects mostly men.... G6PD deficiency
      so yeah. not everyone should use henna, it is absorbed through the skin, and males are more likely to suffer severe blood thinning from henna......
      in people with this G6PD deficiency henna can make them bleed, a lot.
  • Well apparently we can have it on our hands after all.

    Just to let you know. :)
    • Salilah, I can't understand why a little girl can get suspended because of henna in her hands. Why was the reason for that? Specially because you said it wasn't a religious matter.
      • im curious about that too..
        • Salilah, I would have thought that if she'd had the henna applied as part of a celebration that the school should not have suspended her!

          How insane is that! Its something thats a tradition in her culture, therefore they could claim discrimination as far as I know....
      • I know, isn't that crazy?! My friend works for CAIR in Houston and was there when the call came in. She was not able to help because it was not religious discrimination because henna is not part of our faith, just culture. Anyway, I have no idea what the issue with the school was, I guess they said it was classified as "tattoos". Sigh. Poor little girl, a beautiful Eid celebration with her loved ones, family, friends, a young girl being taught to celebrate the beauty of femininity and womanhood through henna, and then to get that 180 degree flip when she comes to school all smiles to share her beautiful holiday. I guess it was really hard on her. But people often shy away from what they do not understand. So I think the key is to share beauty whenever we can, helping to educate about the beauty of the worlds traditions. : )
        • i live in Oklahoma... the "heartland". when i started to be really interested and bringing books to work & trying it when work was slow a coworker once told me she thought it was scary looking. lol she'd never had too much exposure to things like that from the middle east. but i bucked up, read the info i had to her and have gradually converted her to liking it. she won't do her whole hand yet but she loves the simple, clean, minimal flowery patterns. i swear if more people would read up on things like this they would see it for what it is.... art.
          • Exactly! : )
            • The suspension from school is truly saddening. As a high school English teacher, I have the opportunity to expose students to many cultural details, and wearing henna in preparation for performing a holiday hafla fit right in with the reading of The Kite Runner in class. It turned into a classroom discussion/curiosity, and upon finishing the book, the class had a hafla of their own- and I applied henna to several! Of course, parent permission was required. Those kids kept me at school doing mehndi until after 5:00 that day!
              Thank goodness my school district is *a little* more open minded than some...
              • I am an art teacher at the middle school level. I wear henna to school regularly. Kids ask me about it all the time and I use the opportunity to explain part of another culture. I've also had students wear henna to school. A couple of years ago, there was some uneasiness about the mehndi, because it was in th realm of tattoos. I happened to be on the committee that reworked the dress code. There was a strong push towards including "no body art" in the dress code. I held out and argued my point that it was cultural activity that did not disrupt learning in any way. I also couldn't support "no any kid of art." Anyway, there a quite a few teachers that have tattoos. How can we say it's OK for the adults but not the kids? Now, even the principal will admire my henna.
              • Robyn
                What school district do you work at??
                I'm curious. It was my principal who told me to 'tone it down' as i was always comin' with henna EVERYWHERE! Indian parents thot it was SUPER cool that their kids' teacher new of their 'culture' =D

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